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At Little Jim's Tavern the sexual tension is strong. They are men who love men and aren't afraid to show it, especially on the t.v.'s blasting plenty of "films" of the man loving persuasion.

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Cocktail is a nightclub in Boystown that is lacking anything but sex appeal. Their onyx lit bar tops and black crystal chandeliers set the mood...

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Berlin is a bustling dance club that is known for their lusty dance floor and late night hours. People from all over boystown swarm to this club for their d.j.'s and dance music. Berlin is open until 4am. It's a hot spot for when the bars close down, you're feeling tipsy, and some steamy dancing with a solid beat tops off the night. Keep in mind that things get real tight so if you are claustrophobic you might want to reconsider. On the other hand, the dance floor can get real friendly due to the "conditions".


Berlin has so many events it will make your head spin. They kick it off with Tuesday $1 drink nights, Depeche mode Fridays, the twisted dance party every Saturday, amongst many more. Berlin hosts a different event every single night, every single week.



Contact Information

954 W. Belmont Ave. (Sheffield, under the eL)
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 348-4975

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